Tablets in Libraries

Preparation and implementation of the online course

iPad changes the ways of teaching and learning. Hundreds of librarians, who took part in the “Tablets in Libraries” programme, which I coordinated, cannot imagine working with children or senior citizens without the use of iPads. These devices help all readers uncover their talents, make films and animations, and access world-class literature. Tablet corners are very popular among children and adults not only during holidays!

The online course, which can be found on iTunesU, the free Apple educational platform, consists of 17 practical parts. They contain guidelines for librarians, teachers and employees of cultural institutions showing how to use free mobile applications to encourage people to learn, create their own content and share it online. I designed the course and was responsible for its implementation. In the first 4 months, the course was watched by over 100,000 people and thus became the most popular educational material in Polish on the iTunesU platform.

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