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I focus on creating positive learning experiences online and offline.

Access to knowledge has never been as easy as it is today. I am fascinated by the relationship between education and technology.

  • How to use web applications and tools to engage employees, students and conference participants in times of social learning?
  • How to use the available solutions safely?
  • How to develop creativity thanks to the possibilities offered by mobile applications?

My name is Noemi Gryczko and I am a manager, consultant, and author. I have been “working from wherever” for over 4 years. Challenges and benefits of working remotely I picture on my blog.

The new world of work requires a different set of skills and a different mindset based on trust and cooperation of distributed teams. Paradoxically, the more technology in our lives, the more important human skills are. That is why I am involved in a number of ambitious educational projects that offer participants the real value: they build their competences, inspire independent exploration or stimulate self-confidence. I focus on creating positive learning experiences online and offline.

I transform visions into reality and undertake the role of a project manager in projects that need an innovative approach. I worked in the United Nations Program (UNDP), in programs financed by the World Bank. I co-created the Library Development Program – the part of the Global Libraries of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. On behalf of the British company Freeformers, I implement the Digital Skills Development Program by Facebook targeted at 15,000 young people in Poland. During studies at the Warsaw School of Economics, I gained qualifications for managing large projects. In San Francisco, I learned how to apply design thinking to develop the best solutions. My educational background in sociology (doctoral studies) helps me observe, understand and remain amazed by the surrounding world.

I am happy to share practical knowledge. I run workshops at the University of Warsaw Incubator, I co-create the Mobile Applications and Games Forum, and I am a co-author of the book „Business in the world of mobile”, Warsaw 2018, Poltext.

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