Company’s Summary of the Year

Workshop for senior management

Is PechaKucha a wrong choice? No, very often it’s a great idea! PechaKucha is a presentation style developed by Japanese architects, who had enough of lengthy Power Point presentations and so they came up with something new — a format of 20 slides shown for 20 seconds each. In Japanese, PechaKucha [pronounced Pe – Chak – Cha] means “chit-chat”. During my workshop, I helped the senior management prepare their presentations in this new style. At the beginning, it wasn’t easy to encourage directors to get rid of Excel sheets, focus on 2-3 most important issues and address them with catchy slogans and intriguing pictures. However, during the workshop we had plenty of time to get familiar with this new attitude and during the Company’s Summary of the Year the senior management representatives led 7-miute, concise, original and dynamic presentations, which everyone remembers until today. The results surprised even the managers, who said that PechaKucha is a very effective method of keeping the audience focused and talking about top priorities for the company.